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FTP Upload

So you have a pretty large file do ya? We definitely want to get it from you so we can produce the graphics you need. Please use our custom FTP interface right here on our site to upload the files right to us. We will get an email alerting us that your file is on it's way.

We can take files up to 100 MB so if you have anything larger just give us a call here at Grizzly at 801-392-4741.

Simply enter your name, so we know who the file has come from, and then click the "Choose Your File" button and navigate on your computer to the file you want to send us. You will see the progress bar load the file.

Once it is done you can click the "Upload It!" button and the file will be sent right to us.

If you have any troubles please use the "Contact" button above and let us know or call us at 801-392-4741. We would love to help.