Welding - Grommeting

Welding / Grommeting

When it comes to welding and grommeting we don’t mess around. We have this welding machine that looks like a robot from the future. It makes perfect welds on each side of your banner making it stronger and more able to endure ripping or tearing.

We then take your banner and add grommets with a machine that is so accurate that if we would have had

this during World War II we would have won the war 3 months sooner. These machines are made for speed so we can get your banner done faster and sooner.

If you are looking to have banners made in mass quantity, we are the shop for you because we have the equipment you need to get a lot of banners done in a short amount of time thus getting your projects done and out there.

Contact us today and come in a see these robot beasts in action it will change your mind about banner production and amaze you with the speed and finishing power that these machines have.