Laminating Newsletter


When it comes to lamination, Grizzly Graphics is the place that keeps you covered (pun intended). All the graphics that come through here are laminated one way or the other. The lamination gives added protection for your graphics and helps them last longer and resist scratching. It also protects your design from premature fading and sun damage. Why would you want to take the time to design your graphics and then decide

on a strategy on how to use them and then leave those designs unprotected?

You wouldn’t would you. Well we feel the same way and so we provide lamination services as well as liquid coating so we can protect your investment.

So when you come down to Grizzly Graphics you can rest assured that we are doing all we can to protect your designs and make them look the best they can and last as long as possible.

The machine we have is a top of the line model that provides all kinds of lamination settings as well as pressure settings to either lightly apply the lamination or to squeeze the life right out of it.