Liquid Coating

Liquid Coating

Liquid Coating seems to be the wave of the future. A lot of times signs and other materials do not do very well in the weather or sun and over time fade, crack and peel. The Liquid Coating services offered at Grizzly Graphics allow for a coating of protection that is sprayed right on the sign of choice and will protect it from the sun as well as keeping colors vibrant longer.


The Cyclone Liquid Laminator machine that we have has a conveyor belt to be able to load and unload a lot of signs in a short amount of time. This thing eats signs and spits them out fully protected in no time flat. So if you need your signs to stay up a little longer and outlast the competition then we can arrange to protect your signs with our liquid laminator.

Our facility is built for large runs and multiple projects so we can handle your needs and help you complete your projects fast.

So come on down and see how we can help you protect the design and sign investment you have made. If we can help you protect and extend the life of your designs then it was all worth it.